Shane Homes launches the Yaccato 2

Shane Homes surpasses expectations with the launch of the Yaccato 2 - an ingenious floorplan completely designed by women.

“The understanding we gained from The 80% Minority: Reaching the Real World of Women Consumers, followed by direct advice from Joanne, led us to tap into the minds of our female customers. It made us smarter and better at what we do. It was an exhilarating experience for our women customers who participated from the planning stage through the opening of two specifically ‘designed by women’ homes. Imagine how even more revealing Joanne’s advice was when we won a national award for one of the models. Joanne inspired us to do what we should have always been doing!
Shane Wentzall
Shane Homes

Shane Wenzel , Joanne Thomas Yaccato and Cal Wenzel take part in the ribbon cutting ceremonies with listening group participants (Jody Nakoneshny, Caroline Tokarchik, Tanya Kingwell, Holly Kurtz , Carrie Lichowit, Tanya Lickers, Dawn Olsson, Lynn Leslie, Dianne Butler, Amanda Loewer)

Shane Homes unveiled the Yaccato 2 in Royal Mews on April 28. “What makes this home so unique” explains Shane Wenzel, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Shane Homes and Creations by Shane Homes, “is that this floorplan was designed by women from start to finish.”

The Yaccato 2 falls on the heels of the Yaccato 1, the first women designed home, which was unveiled in Bridlecrest in December 2004. The Yaccato 1 was built by Creations by Shane Homes, a new division of Shane Homes opened in October 2004 which builds homes from approximately 1000 to 1600 sq. ft., without a front-attached garage.

“This idea and the name of the model were inspired by Joanne Thomas Yaccato, author of The 80% Minority: Reaching the Real World of Women Consumers”, says Wenzel.

Thomas Yaccato is the president and founder of the Toronto-based consulting firm The Thomas Yaccato Group, known as Corporate Canada’s Gender Lens™. The 80% Minority explains the “gender lens” that companies must develop in order to create authentic products, services and business strategies that capture the attention and loyalty of women consumers, who, based on research, control 80% of every consumer dollar spent.

“Research shows” explains Wenzel “that single women buy more homes than single men, and that women in families do most of the house hunting. Also, women tend to spend more time in the home when there are children in the family unit, so they have stronger opinions on what features they would like in their home. All of this, combined with the fact that women control 80% of every consumer dollar spent, inspired us to design a home for women by asking women what they want.”

“Shane Homes conducted listening groups over an eight month period with a group of ten women who recently built new homes with attached garages in the 2000 sq. ft. range. Since these women had just built homes, they had a clear picture in their minds of what they and their families wanted in a new home. We asked them what additional features, including floorplan, layout of rooms, window and door locations and so forth, they would like in their home that would benefit their lifestyle. We documented their wish lists and had one of our draftspeople, Loralie Shears, incorporate their ideas and design several floorplans. Then we took the floorplans back to the group for feedback, returned to the drawing board and repeated this process until we came up with something that everyone was happy with.”

Joanne Tbomas Yaccato (front row, third from right) and listening group participants (not in order): Jody Nakoneshny, Caroline Tokarchik, Tanya Kingwell, Holly Kurtz , Carrie Lichowit, Tanya Lickers, Dawn Olsson, Lynn Leslie, Dianne Butler, Amanda Loewer

Some of the unique features incorporated into the Yaccato 2 include extra storage space and organizers in just about every room and small items that are virtually unnoticeable when walking through the home, but that make life simpler and thus, more enjoyable. For example, the spacious mudroom offers a storage organizer for family members to hang their jackets, shelves to put their shoes on and cubbyholes for mittens and scarves, with convenient access to the laundry room with sink, and large walk-through pantry, which houses wood shelving and an upright freezer, with lots of room to store the small appliances and offers convenience when bringing in the groceries after shopping.

“The women expressed the desire for extra storage space and more work areas in the kitchen since they spend so much time in this room and like to keep it organized. We responded by putting in deep pot drawers, a space saver microwave, and extra counters and cupboards. And we included a vegetable sink on the island with a garborator. A home management centre in the kitchen with built-in filing cabinet for further organization also provides a space where children can work on the computer while under the watchful eye of their parents. Other neat features include a sink tilt-out tray for storage of soap and scrub pads, a motion sensor light in the pantry and awning windows which can be left open for fresh air even when it’s raining.”

The second floor includes two kid’s bedrooms which are equal in size (eliminating some squabbling in room selections) and have a handy shelf area in the closets for storage, a family room with vaulted ceiling and convenient IT centre, and the owner’s suite with a luxury ensuite and large walk-in closet with even more organizers.

“Shane Homes had the revolutionary idea of asking women what they wanted in a home” says Thomas Yaccato, present at the grand opening. “The ‘revolutionary’ part is that they actually listened and built what is now the gold standard of home design. See it and you’ll be ruined for life for anything less.”

“Every room was designed with a lot of thought and careful attention to detail,” says Wenzel. “The home must be seen to be truly appreciated. We will likely be incorporating a number of their suggestions into some of our standard plans or at least offer these items as an option to customers.”

The Yaccato 2 showhome is open to the public for viewing during regular show home hours - Monday through Thursday from 2 to 8 pm and Friday’s, weekends and holidays from noon to 5 pm. This 2,407 sq. ft. two storey home is available for purchase for $395,408 with a possession date of August 1, 2005.

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